Saturday, March 30, 2013

Termite Treatment Methods

Winged termites are known to swarm only during various specific times within a year and this is during their breeding period. Swarming termites only have a single body part with four wings and straight antennae. If these termites are seen outdoors it would not necessary be a cause of concern, however if they are found inside a home, it would be highly advisable for you to have a pest-control corporation come to your home in order to carry out an inspection. They are various methods of termite treatment.

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1. It is important for you to note that whenever you come across any indication that would prove the existence of swarming termites within your surroundings, never clean it. It would be proper for you to call up a company that deals in pest-control so that they can inspect the evidence. This will enable them to know the type of termite, its location and the exact colony. All this information is highly important in finding the best way to handle these termites.

2. Fumigation

When a company that deals in pest control fumigates your home, they normally begin by covering the entire house with a tent then pump in sulfuryl fluoride which is type of gas. This gas will effectively work to destroy the termites. However, before the fumigation is done one is required to remove all animals and plants as well as any other living creature from the house. Since this method is done using a gas you will not be required to clean your interior surfaces once you occupy your house again.

3. Heat

Using heat originating from a propane heater that has a high output is another effective way of destroying swarming termites. The infested part is then covered up with a vinyl sheet before applying the heat. Objects found within this area should be removed for treatment as they will be damaged by high temperatures. Once extremely high levels of temperatures are achieved, the treated section is cooled off and ready to be occupied.

4. Use of insecticide

The insecticide is injected into the wood through tiny drilled holes. This is one of the oldest methods of treatment. The insecticide then gets to the colony through the openings. It is also known to be one of the easiest methods when it comes to termite treatment. The injected insecticide maintains its effectiveness as it continues to kill any other termite colonies that may attempt to invade the area.

5. Electrocution

Electrocute termites using a probe. A low current and high voltage gun is moved over an infested area. This works effectively by electrocuting the swarming termites found within that particular area.

6. Wood replacement

Immediately have the infested wood replaced. This method of getting rid of termites comes in quite handy if the affected area can easily be located and the wood effortlessly removed. As you replace the termite infested wood, it is also important to ensure that you remove any sections surrounding that area that may look infested.

The above mentioned methods will effectively help you get rid of swarming termites. However if you are not sure of how best to go about with the termination, it is advisable to seek the services of a pest-control company.

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